What do rabbits eat?

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Taking care of your pet rabbit.

Almost all animals, in particular mammals, need a place that they may call ‘home.’ Whenever we own cats and dogs as pet animals, they often share a similar residence as us, but nevertheless have a favored place to go to sleep and stay by itself. Additionally, they’ll by some means mark their territory to let other members from its species realize. Britain’s third most common pet is never as lucky. Rabbits are often input into some sort of hutch or cage and sometimes not able to run about for hours or days at a time. The character of these animals makes us worried that, if allowed to run free, they will possibly escape to never come back or be killed by a predator, or both. This might be accurate in some cases, nevertheless imprisoning them for basic safety would seem a lttle bit unjust.

And so, exactly what do we all do? We build rabbit houses to try to give them what they require whilst helping them feel as secure as is possible. Having said that, one typical error is usually deciding upon these rabbit houses for the completely wrong reasons. Looking good or just being suitably sized must be way down on the list of priorities. The pets that will live in them never care about what they look like from outside or inside. When in the wild, these animals live in holes that they dig down in the earth. Rabbits need to have room to maneuver plus separate locations for foods, taking a nap along with the restroom. And also they need some type of enjoyment, because they are usually kept alone as pets. Throughout the wild they will stay in huge communal groupings. They are not dumb and can consequently become bored, that will bring on depression, stress, and next fatality. Toys are of help, but don’t have to be brightly coloured or expensive. Provided that the critters can pick it up and toss it, causing the toy to make some kind of noise, they’re delighted. Letting them from their rabbit houses can also be necessary. They should have a good run including a hop daily, not just when it’s convenient for their care givers (owners).


A number of people allow family pet rabbits to have free run of the house, such as a dog or cat. Although uncommon, it isn’t silly. They will like to poo in the same place, therefore could be toilet trained. Rabbits don’t produce sound or destruction of many things. When kept locked up, they’ll chew on their own surroundings, however if left to run free, they run a lot more than chew. Give it a shot, but keep track of them all the time, because they’re usually searching for a hole or gap to access someplace new.

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What should you get for a new family pet rabbit

Any sort of new addition for a family comes with excitement along with the urge to invest money and time on it. Whether the latest addition is a baby, an automobile, or maybe a family pet, it appears to be man’s instinct for people to wish to in some way spice up or treat the newcomer. For many who get a pet dog, this is easy enough; collar, kennel, dog chain, dishes, even clothes. For cats, it’s not as straightforward, simply because aren’t too interested in dog collars and chains and tend to nap anyplace but wherever they are supposed to. Great Britain’s third-most preferred pet is a rabbit. Rabbit essential accessories are obtainable, but, much like those for pet cats, much less abundant or easy to decide on. There are some, though, and these include things for their feeding, accommodation, and also stimulation.


The single most popular of rabbit accessories may be the cute food dish combined with water bottle. There isn’t really much scope for producing these kinds of simple things exciting or cute, however a brilliantly colored bowl or fancy water bottle won’t benefit the pet animal in any way. Nonetheless, they could make the individual feel good.


Rabbit accommodation is undoubtedly an important aspect associated with keeping these as your pets. Unfortunately, frequently they may be kept on it’s own and spend all day and night time in a cage or perhaps a hutch that isn’t much larger compared to the pets themselves. Hamsters’ sizing allows for whacky along with enjoyable cages to simply fit into a normal sized room in your home. Tunnels, training wheels, as well as climbing places may all keep your tiny chaps very busy through the night. Nonetheless, if all of this had been duplicated to suit the dimensions of a normal bunny, it could undertake a lot of space for most people. They too need this kind of room to run around and have a specific area for their toilet. Unfortunately, commonly they don’t get what they need.


As a final point, rabbits have to have stimulation. Similar to most mammals, they also have complex intelligence that need to do even more than eat, rest and breed. In the countryside, they’ve got one another for entertainment and stimulation. As pets, it’s helpful to provide them with something that they can play with. Any sort of item which makes a noise any time it’s dropped, is brilliantly colored, or may be chewed and also produces a noise. While they are not as noisy or loving as a pet dog or cat, it doesn’t mean that they’re dumb or don’t require something to amuse themselves. Rabbit extras are well worth purchasing.

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Pet Rabbit Accommodation

Being one of the most popular household pets, rabbits are cared for and loved by children all over the world. Getting a new pet such as one of these adorable rodents is exciting for every kid. Many are so keen to spend time with them, and too young to understand, that they even want their new pets to sleep in their rooms. As we adults know, this is totally impractical. The animals are much cleaner than many people would give them credit for, trying to always use the same particular place as a toilet, but their urine smells and they defecate plenty of droppings during the night.



So, with a new pet comes a new house for it. Rabbit cages are known as hutches, and cheap rabbit hutches can be just as good as something fancy or expensive. The animals need plenty of room to stretch their legs (that means exercise, not just stretch) and enough space to segregate their toilet from their dining and sleeping areas. Other important things to bear in mind are the materials from which it is made (they’ll chew anything they can to grind down their ever-growing teeth) and the protection it gives from heat, rain and drafts. Hutch covers need to adequately protect the animals and also give them a sense of being able to hide away from everyone and everything. Even though they are very sociable creatures, they still need their own ‘alone-time.’ 


As mentioned before, there is no need to spend extra money on a hutch that is a fancy colour or has accessories and toys. Cheap rabbit hutches can still offer these little mammals enough of what they need. Saying that though, the tunnels and toys are beneficial to the psychological health of these wonderful pets. The ability to dig, climb and play are important to them, as is some kind of companionship, even if it’s from humans or other pets in the house. In the wild, they live in large groups. As pets, they are often kept alone, usually from the humans’ fear of them breeding. Ideally, any pet rabbit will get lots of attention, lots of time to relax alone somewhere cool and dark, a place far from their food and sleep areas to do their toilet business, and plenty of space to have a good run around and a jumping fit. It’s important that they get all of these every day. Rabbits kept 24/7 in fashionable hutches will not be as happy as those who spend some of their days in cheap rabbit hutches but also get to get out and mix with people, have a good poo and at least feel free, even if they aren’t.




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Pet Rabbit Diet

Like with all pets, the owners of pet rabbits need to give them food, as well as shelter and companionship. Sadly, there is a lot of bad information and poor perceptions about what do rabbits eat. Looney Tunes’ Bugs Bunny is the main culprit for this, as this has convinced people all over the world that rabbits eat carrots. This is not the case. They do not dig for food, especially if there are things like grass and leaves around for them to nibble on.

So, if anyone ever asks you the question, ‘What do rabbits eat?’ the answer is grass, as their first choice, then things like hay, leaves, above-ground vegetables and even their own droppings! Yes, it’s true. To get the best nutrition out of their diet, they re-digest some of their food by eating their soft droppings. 

One also needs to know and remember that all rodents’ front teeth never stop growing. In the wild, rabbits eat lots of grass all day long and this keeps the teeth short. However, as pets, they often don’t get the opportunity to constantly eat, and one or more of the following problems can happen. Firstly, their teeth grow too long, causing ulcers in their mouths and reducing the ability to eat. Stress and death could soon follow. Another problem is that when they don’t have a constant food supply to chew on, pet rabbits turn to whatever is around them to chew on. Damage to wooden hutches is not the end of the world, but if they eat plastic or metal, serious health problems can arise. Also, house rabbits are highly adept at finding electric cables, expensive furniture or brand-name shoes to munch on, causing the owners inconvenience and expense. Seeing a rabbit chewing on a stick or a leaf does not mean that they are receiving nutrition from these. They love to, need to, chew just to keep their main front teeth short.

If you have a pet rabbit, it will eat almost anything you give it, but this doesn’t mean it actually likes it or benefits from it. Yes, giving it some carrot once in a while is fun and feels like you’re treating it, but you’re not. Too much of this kind of food will result in digestion problems and stomachache. Do the little chap a favour and give it what it should eat; grass.

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